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About Grasses

With more than 10,000 species and related species the grass family is the fifth largest in the plant kingdom. There are rushes, sedges, festucas for everyone and for every garden.
Almost all ornamental grasses are perennials, coming up in spring, from their roots, which have stored large quantities of energy, and in autum or winter go dormant. Some are evergreen, and a few are annuals.

The bunching types are often called "clump-forming" or "clumping", distinct from the rhizomatous types, called "running". Sizes vary from a few centimetres up to several metres. Some ornamental grasses are species that can be grown from seed. Many others are cultivars, and must be propagated by vegetative propagation of an existing plant.
Grasses have become extremely popular in British gardens in recent years, with clients often using huge swathes of one type of grass to create a dramatic effect. We supply an excellent range of grasses to start you off in your love of grasses.